Dr. Charles Simonyi is the Father of Modern Microsoft Excel                                           JavaScript was originally developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape under the name Mocha, later LiveScript, and finally renamed to JavaScript.                                           The word "Biology" is firstly used by Lamarck and Treviranus                                           Hippocrates (460-370 bc) is known as father of medicine.                                           Galene, 130-200 is known as father of Experimental Physology                                           Aristotle (384-322 BC) is known as Father of Zoology because he wrote the construction and behavior of different animals in his book "Historia animalium"                                           Theophrastus(370-285 BC) is known as father of Botany because he wrote about 500 different plants in his book "Historia Plantarum".                                           John Resig is known as Father of Jquery -                                          HTML is a markup language which is use to design web pages. It was invented in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee.                                                                The Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.                                                                Rasmus Lerdorf was the original creator of PHP. It was first released in 1995.                                                               Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg                                                               Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of C++.                                                                Dennis Ritchie creator of C                                                                                                                              James Gosling, also known as the "Father of Java"                                          At 11.44%, Bihar is India's fastest growing state                                          Father of HTML -Tim Berners Lee                                          orkut was created by Orkut Büyükkökten, a Turkish software engineer                    Photoshop: It came about after Thomas Knoll, a PhD student at the University of Michigan created a program to display grayscale images on a monochrome monitor which at the time was called 'Display'.


Assignment 1

Type the following data in excel worksheet and save it as first.xls
Type the following data in excel worksheet and save it as first.xls

A                     B                 C                  D                  E
Do the following
(a) Highlight column A and copy it to column C
(b) Sort the data in column C in ascending order
(c) What is the lowest number in the list (use a function)
(d) Copy the data in column A to column E and sort it in descending order
(e) What is the highest number in the list (use a function)
(f) How many numbers in this list are bigger than 500 (use a database function)
(g) How many numbers in column A are between 520 and 540 inclusive
(use a database function)
Assignment 2.
Type the following data in excel worksheet and save it as second.xls.
A                                            B                                     C                                 D
People per physician                Life Expectancy
X                                            Y                                      X * Y
370                                         70.5
6166                                       53.5
684                                         65
449                                         76.5
643                                          70
1551                                        71
616                                         60.5
403                                         51.5
Do the following
(a) Complete column C for finding product x * y
(b) Find sum of x column at the end of data
(c) Find sum of y column at the end of data
(d) Find sum of x * y column at the end of data
(e) Find sum of x^2
(f) Find sum of y^2
Assignment 3.
Enter the following data and save it in grade .xls
Name       Marks1        Marks2            Marks3       Total              Percentage         Grade
Amit         80                70                     80
Renu        70                60                      90
Rajeev     60                50                      80
Manish     50               30                      90
Sanjeev    40               40                      80
Anita         70               70                     90
Do the following
(a) Compute the total marks and percentage of each student by entering appropriate formula.
(b) Compute the grades based on following criteria
If percentage >= 90 then grade = A
If percentage >= 80 and <90 then grade = B
If percentage >= 70 and <80 then grade = C
If percentage >= 60 and <70 then grade = D
If percentage < 60 then grade = E
Assignment 4.
Using grade.xls to perform the following formatting operations
(a) Draw a border around the worksheet
(b) Change the font size of heading to 14 points and underline it and hide column c
(c) Increase the width of column A to 15 characters
(d) Right Align the values in column B, C, F
Assignment 5.
A university maintains a year wise result for four courses and then generates an average report as given below
Sr no.      Year            Course1         Course2         Course3           Course4             Average
1             2002            356                300                300                  400
2             2003            200                400                200                  450
3             2004            256                500                400                  600
4             2005            400                600                500                  550
5             2006            456                450                550                  450
6             Total
(a) Complete the report to calculate the course wise average in row 6
(b) Provide formula to calculate year wise average in column G
(c) Generate a column chart to compare data
Assignment 6.
A person wants to start a business and he has four schemes to invest money according to profit and years. Find out which scheme is the most profitable.
Investment Amount               Percentage for Profit              No of years
20000                                  10%                                      6 years
40000                                  20%                                      5 years
14000                                  30%                                     4 years
12000                                  15%                                     5 years

Assignment 7.
A company records the details of total sales (in Rs. ) sector wise and month wise in the following format
                          Jan             Feb              March                       April
Sector 30          12000        17000          14000                       15000
Sector 22          14000       18000           15000                       16000
Sector 23          15000       19000           16000                       17000
Sector 15          16000       12000           17000                       18000
(a) Enter the data in a worksheet and save it as sector.xls
(b) Using appropriate formula, calculate total sale for each sector
(c) Create a 3-D column chart to show sector wise data for all four months
(d) Create a 3-D pie chart to show sales in Jan in all sectors

Assignment 8

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