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Nature Inspired Text Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will create a beautiful nature inspired text effect in Photoshop.
Nature Inspired Text Effect in Photoshop

Tutorial Details

Program: Photoshop CS5
Estimated Completion Time: 30 Minutes

Tutorial Assets

The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial.
Now that we have everything we need, so let’s start!
Step 1 - Create a new file with 2000px width and 1100px height.
step 1
Step 2 - Open the valley image mentioned above and paste it on our file.
step 2
Step 3 - Now select the Text Tool and add the text.
step 3
Step 4 - Now change the text color to # 141414.
step 4
Step 5 - Select the Text Tool again and add the same text but this time with color # fff1e4
step 5
Step 6 - Now select the Move Tool and move the second layer of text over the black text. So it can give us almost 3D look.
step 6
Step 7 - Now we will add some styles to our second text layer. We will start with drop shadow. So for this click on Layer> Layer Style> Drop shadow.
step 7
Step 8 - We need to add some “Inner Glow”. So click on Layer> Layer style> Inner Glow.
step 8
Step 9 - Now click on Stroke and add a stroke with color # 779300
step 9
Step 10 - Now we will create the reflection of the text. For this simply duplicate the text layer. Right click on the layer and select Duplicate Layer. Make sure you duplicate the black layer.
step 10
Step 11 - Press Command/ Ctrl + T then right click on it and select Flip Vertical.
step 11
Step 12 - Now simply place it under the text and select Eraser Tool. Then with soft round brush erase the lower part of the text. And if you want you can reduce the opacity to 75%.
step 12
Step 13 - Now let’s decorate our text. So open the sky image and reduce the opacity so we can get the outline of our text. Now select the pen tool and create a path along our first letter.
step 13
Step 14 - Now right-click on the path and select “Make selection. Then simply copy and paste the selection.
step 14
Step 15 - Now open the valley image and repeat the same process.
step 15
Step 16 - Now open the tree image and roughly select the free and place it on our G and our “G” is ready.
step 16
Step 17 - Now open the Rock image and place it over our “R”. Select it using the pen tool.
step 27
Step 18 - Copy the select area and paste it on our “R”.
step 18
Step 19 - Once again add the sky on pour “O” and then open the tree image and paste it on the letter. Remove the part covering the middle with Eraser Tool.
step 19
Step 20 - Now open the stair image and select them. After that paste the stairs on the left side of our “O”.
step 20
Step 21 - If you want you can copy the top of the tree and paste it down on the stairs. You can adjust the color using Command/Ctrl + U.
step 21
Step 22 - open the Water fall image and paste it on our “W”.
step 22
Step 23 - Now select the pen tool and make a selection.
step 23
Simply adjust the brightness, for this click on Images> Adjustment> Brightness/ Contrast and we are done.
nature text
Our Beautiful Nature inspired Text effect is done. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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