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difference xlsx and accdb

There's a lot, but I'll go into the generals with this:

"Access does not allow for data corruption so easily by a user, such as selecting all but one column, Access will still include all fields for sortings, Excel won't. Excel now has a warning message box that comes up, but in it's early days, it just sorted regardless. Therefore to say the least, Excel is very clumsy with data management.

Access can store X number of records, Excel can only store up to 65536 records on the same sheet without having to use a different set of columns or continue on with other worksheet(s).

Access has a 2GB memory usage limitation as opposed to Excel having a 80 MB RAM (160 in XP and 03) usage limitation before it crashes.

Access can query data very easily and NOT run into issues too easily. In Excel, if using multiple files to compensate for the RAM usage limitation not to mention that calculation also eats away the RAM, try using External Link formula. This works fine at first, but when it references at least roughly 13,000 cells externally, Excel crashes.

Access Forms has lots of form events that one can use (though I don't care for how data validation works on bound forms/objects cause it not so user friendly for those that's predominantly mouse users, so I had to build with UNBOUND objects to make the forms more user friendly without sacrificing the strict data validation checks), Excel UserForms has very little Events to work off from.

Access has a fairly good security model, but I'm still not saying it's real good as it still lacks a few things for what I would like to see from a security stand point of view. Excel Security is nearly non-existent. Yeah, it does have security items, but it's not that great as I can demostrate too many issues such as users can still copy hidden cells on a protected worksheet and paste the information onto another worksheet that's not protected. That's just one issue of several.

Access is designed to have multiple users working in the same DB file(s) along with the various safety precations items to help protect the data such as record level locking. Excel has very limited multiple user capacity within the same file.

[quote][code][list][*][img][spoiler]Excel has a lot of calculations/functions that is easily and quickly used for small scale projects. When you need to find the result of some expression, Excel is the way while finding some information based on some data criteria, querying the data in Access is the way"
But if anyone wants to ask me how is the best to use Access and Excel?
I can replay "Access should be used for all of it's DB means, and maybe even a lot of the analytical stuff via VBA coding.

Excel is good for 2 things

If you need to create a prototype, you can do this very quickly in Excel unlike in Access, it may take a while to do. However, don't spend much time creating this prototype as it's only meant to give a feel for how it would work on a general level basis in Access.

Excel is very easy to create things like charts and other data analytical tools from the data that may be retrieved from Access.

Excel is good for SHORT-TERM solutions and small scale projects while Access is good for LONG-TERM solutions and large scale projects".

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